What's Selective?

SËLCTV, pronounced, se-lek-tiv. A gym apparel line to ëmpower all women! At the beginning stages of researching our brand name, we had asked ourselves, what does it actually mean to be selective? To Us? It means that you have a choice. A choice to press on, regardless of the circumstance, a choice to push through the pain when giving up seems to be the only viable option. Let's be honest, life can hit us with a ton of bricks, but it’s ultimately up to us to stay focused, regain our strength and channel our inner beast in order to overcome adversity. Through experience, we have the ability to learn and grow from our past mistakes, become resilient and empowered. The Ë in our logo represents empowerment. It also represents one’s ability to gain resilience through each season in life. In order to be empowered, we must set our goals and intentions, hold ourselves accountable and act on our own authority!

Our Mission 

We believe that comfort can be more than feeling good. We focus on simple, yet appealing designs, eco-friendly materials and sustainable manufacturing.Through a unique process called closed loop, bamboo was integrated to provide our customers with super soft, comfortable, breatheable and sustainable every day essentials.Feeling great and looking great is ingrained in our philosophy. We won't compromise comfortability, we only strive to enhance performance with our products.

How are leggings and bras made out of bamboo plants?

  1. Grow - Our bamboo is grown without fertilizer or pesticides and no irrigation, only rain water (what's more natural than that?)
  2. Harvest - First, the green shoots are cut into chunks of raw bamboo.
  3. Process - Next, the bamboo is soaked into a solution to soften it. The system is called closed loop - all liquid is recycled and all solvents are then captured and removed to ensure that the process is as eco-friendly as the bamboo itself.
  4. Dehydrate - Our dehydration process allows us to extract the bamboo pulp to then dry into flat sheets.
  5. Grind - When the bamboo sheet are completely dry, they are then grounded into a soft, feathery material
  6. Sew - The soft, feathery material is then extracted and spun into a polyester yarn that we use to knit our garments. The garments are knitted in tubes, which results in very little fabric wastage compared to the traditional cut and sew garment manufacturing, which ultimately wastes approximately 30% more fabric.

Why Use Bamboo?

We design everyday essentials that were made to last. That means that we only invest in high-quality fabrics and we only design with both simplicity and function in mind. Bamboo is highly breathable, buttery soft, which makes it the perfect garment that feels like second skin.

  • Buttery Softness - bamboo is soft, like super soft! It will feel light and gentle on your skin.
  • Thermoregulating - regulates to you feel warm on those brisk winter days and cooler in the spring/summer.
  • Anti Static - a neutral charge prevents static build-up, preventing and clinging.

Sustainability Matters

The section below further explains the need or reasoning behind our sustainability initiative.

  • Grown Organically - No pesticides. No insecticides. No fertilizers. The original bamboo is naturally organic and doesn't require fertilizers to enhance its growth.
  • No Artificial Irrigation - Producing harvests of bamboo requires only rainwater and all water used in the production process is recycled and repurposed.
  • Improves air quality - Bamboo harvestry produces over 30% more oxygen than the same equivalent area of trees, and also absorbs more carbon dioxide and green gases alone.
  • Fast Growing and Regenerating - Bamboo is the fastest growing and most versatile plant in the world, with some species of bamboo shooting it as much as one meter a day.