About The Brand

SËLCTV, pronounced, se-lek-tiv. A gym apparel line to ëmpower all women! At the beginning stages of researching our brand name, we had asked ourselves, what does it actually mean to be selective? To Us? It means that you have a choice. A choice to press on, regardless of the circumstance, a choice to push through the pain when giving up seems to be the only viable option. Let's be honest, life can hit us with a ton of bricks, but it’s ultimately up to us to stay focused, regain our strength and channel our inner beast in order to overcome adversity. Through experience, we have the ability to learn and grow from our past mistakes, become resilient and empowered. The Ë in our logo represents empowerment. It also represents one’s ability to gain resilience through each season in life. In order to be empowered, we must set our goals and intentions, hold ourselves accountable and act on our own authority!


Be Ëmpowered • SËLCTV

In every way…… about everything!!!